A black hole swallows a neutron star

Scientists have obtained solid proof of the existence of gravitational waves. The LIGO and Virgo observatories detected the fusion of a neutron star and a black hole.

An event of rare violence occurred on August 14th. This is the merger between a black hole and a neutron star. This represents the remains of a supernova after its explosion. How did scientists detect this cosmic feast? Thanks to the gravitational waves! Indeed, the observatories LIGO and Virgo captured these waves a week ago. Last April, a similar shock was reported by a team of researchers, but it seems that the evidence is less convincing.

This discovery proves once again the validity of Albert Einstein’s theories with regard to gravitational waves. Relativity according to the famous scientist predicted that space-time is wrinkled because of the extreme mass of the two stars.

When a massive black hole is in the presence of a star rotating around it, the gravitational force causes this swallowing. The duration of the rotation depends on the mass of the two stars: the larger the star, the more it resists the gravity of the black hole.

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